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Each day at the Maker Fun Factory, a crew (a small group within the whole group) would take some pictures to retell the Bible story of the day. These pictures were inserted into a PowerPoint presentation which was played at the closing of the day. The kids had a great time taking pictures – that sometimes were silly – but solidified meaning and understanding of the message. We wanted to share some of these pictures with all of you!

On Day 1, our Crab Crew retold the creation story!
Our Crabby Crew led by Erica Williams!

On Day 2, our Termite Crew retold the story of how Rahab hide Joshua and the spies.
Special Guest Star -- Michelle Massung as Rahab

Our Cathedral Termites led by Jamey Massung

On Day 3, our Whale Crew recreated how God was with Gideon.
Our Whale Crew led by Karen Gilday

On Day 4, the Bird Crew was able to act out how wonderful and glorious it is that Jesus died and came back to life to forgive our sins!
Our Bird Crew led by Kristen Carter

On our last day together, the VBS participants heard the story of Abigail bringing about peace. Our Bee Crew was featured in the presentation that day. Their photos are below.
Our Bee Crew led by Sophie Granville

Every day the students would travel from station to station, learning about God, Jesus, the Saints, and the relationship the children can build with Him. Here are some pictures of these stations:

Every day we opened and closed with the Sing and Play Station. This is where we learned the song we shared at Mass, and also where we were introduced to our Bible point (after the Bible point the children were to respond 'WOW, GOD!'). 

Michelle Massung headed up this station and started the evenings with energy and enthusiasm. She still had lots of energy when the kids returned at the end of the night to wind down as well!

We were very lucky to have a wonderful set built by Chris Dombrosky, and assembled by Chris, George Wasilko, and Kristen Carter!
Our Sing and Play Station

The next station the children visited was Bible Discovery. This station was where the children were introduced to the Bible story of the evening, encouraged to think about the message within that story, and invited to consider how that message applied to their own lives.

The Bible Discovery Station and - cleverly enough - Jerry and Lori were always TAKING the pictures, so there is only this blurry one of them!

An exciting duo headed this station -- Jerry and Lori Nevling! Each night they would tell the stories and bring the Bible alive with their creativity and passion for the Word of God.

After being inspired by the Bible story the kids traveled outside to the Game Makers where Charity Granville and Cindy Coder had fantastic games assembled each evening. The games were full of team building activities which helped reinforce the sense of community the children were encountering. 

Following the exciting games, the kids came in to create their snacks! (Some would argue it was the best part of the night!) Each snack was designed with the Bible story and message of the evening in mind. The kids were given the food items, but assembled each snack independently under the careful instruction of head cook, Kristi Lansberry! She was able to guide the kids to creating some very yummy snacks! Special thanks also to Altar and Rosary for providing the means to obtain the specific food items!

The next thought provoking station,headed by Michelle Simpson, was the KidVid Cinema. This station included a movie about kids just like them learning about God's love and plan for each of them, and how they can look to the Word of God for inspiration and guidance. Michelle did an awesome job of getting the kids to get INTO the Bible by looking up scripture!

The last station before the wrap up was the Imagination Station. Under the careful watch of Amanda Slingerland, the children had a question to consider every night, a project to complete, and a saint to consider. This station was were the kids were able to make a bear, spin a whirl-a-gig, and ponder a perplexinator. On the last evening the children brought home some take-home cards which had some fun questions such as ' ' and ' ' for the children to discuss with their parents, and then scripture verses on the back to help guide the families to an answer.

By the end of the night, the kids were so full of the Holy Spirit that they needed to sing at least one more song. So back to Sing and Play Station they headed and were greeted every night with a song, and a summary of the day!

Special Thanks to our Crew leaders: Erica Williams, Jamey Massung, Karen Gilday, Kristen Carter, and Sophie Granville.

Special Thanks also to Father John for the gentle nudge to start VBS at Ss. Peter and Paul. Hoping this program will continue well into the future!

Thank you for all the continued support of the VBS program and CCD programs at Ss. Peter and Paul -
Mary Tocimak
Elementary DRE
VBS Director