Our 1st Graders decorated our Elementary Bulletin Board with a thankful theme! 
They created pictures and letters to God about what they are thankful for. Thank you First Grade for reminding us to give thanks for all of God's treasures!


On October 22nd, the fourth grade class landscaped outside the Church Hall!
The fourth grade class wanted our Church Hall to look extra nice for the upcoming October-Fest, so they weeded, raked and added fresh mulch around the shrubs outside the Hall!

Thank you fourth grade for helping us prepare for such a wonderful event!

On September 17th, the third grade class made Kindness Rocks. 
(For more information:

The found scripture in the Bible about how the Lord is our Rock, then painted the rocks, wrote simple messages on the back and hid them around the church grounds. I'm happy to say that some were found by a Parishioner and her grandsons, and they are finding new exciting places to leave them!

Keep checking on this page for exciting things which are happening at Ss. Peter and Paul's CCD program!