Here is the Schedule for the CCD Spring Semester for 2019

Grades 7-11 Sunday Morning CCD                  Grades 1-6 Sunday Evening CCD

Sundays, 11am to 1pm                                         Sundays, 6pm to 7:30pm


Jan.   6        No Class                                           Jan.   6        No Class

          13      Class                                                          13      Class

          20      No Class                                                     20      Class

          27      Class                                                           27      Class


Feb.   3        No Class                                           Feb.  3        No Class

          10      Class                                                           10      Class

          17      No Class                                                     17      No Class

          24      Class                                                           24      Class


Mar.  3        No Class                                           Mar.  3        Class

          10      Community Dinner                                    10      Class

          17      No Class                                                    17      No Class

          24      Class                                                          24      Class

          31      No Class                                                    31      Class


Apr.  7        Class                                                 Apr.  7        Class

          14      No Class                                                   14      No Class

          21      No Class                                                   21      No Class

          28      Class (FINAL)                                           28      Class (FINAL)


Important Dates:

-January 6th is a Church Dinner

-January 13th Undecorate the Church for 9th Grade ONLY

-9th Grade Retreat on February 17th  

-March 6th is Ash Wednesday

-Community Dinner hosted by Sunday morning CCD students on March 10th from 11am to 1pm

-First Communion Retreat April 7th during class time

-10th and 11th Grade Retreat TBA

-First Communion on May 4th

-May Crowning on May 5th at 10am Mass

-Confirmation on May 28th

May Crowning was a huge success by our first grade students!


Philipsburg, PA



May 5, 2018

Each year we like to spotlight the children of our Parish who are preparing to receive their First Holy Communion.  Please enjoy getting to know these young people and pray that they will be abundantly blessed as they receive the most sacred Body and Blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

 SOFIA PELKA   Sofia is the daughter of Brian and Gladys Pelka.  She is 8 years old and has 2 siblings, Lainey, age 6, and Juliana, age 3.  Sofia is in 2nd grade at Philipsburg Elementary School, where her favorite subject is Reading.  Her activities include piano and baton twirling.  Sofia spends her spare time drawing, reading and playing with her sisters.  Sofia is the oldest of  three girls.  As the older sister, she’s always there to help her sisters.  She’s witty, kind and very smart.  She loves babies and animals.  With her wonderful personality, Sofia fills our days with love and laughter.  As Sofia receives her first Holy Communion her parents would like to tell her that they are very proud of her.  May God continue to bless her and may she continue to build her relationship with God all throughout her live.  We love you forever!  Congratulations!

 MYRA SAMICK   Myra is the daughter of Michael and Amber Samick.  She is 7 years old and has 2 siblings, Mollie, age 2, and Violet, age 1. Myra is in 2nd grade at Wonderland Charter School where her favorite subject is Social Studies.  Her activities include  dance class (jazz, tap, ballet) and Girl Scouts.  Myra spends her spare time singing, dancing, playing with her sisters and creating art projects.  Myra is a very friendly, personable and creative girl and she loves to sing.  She is motherly to her little sisters and always tries to be helpful.  Myra works hard in school and is our little “teacher” at home.  She is getting to be so grown-up but will still always be our “Myra Bean”.  We love you Myra!  As Myra receives her First Holy Communion her parents would like to tell her how proud they are that she is taking this big step in her faith and receiving Jesus.  They want her to keep him always in her heart and be loving and kind.  Ask him for the things you need and be thankful for all you have. 

 CADENCE VALINOTI   Cadence is the daughter of Amanda Slingerland and Sean Valinoti.  She is 8 years old and has 1 sibling, Brennan, age 10.  Cadence is in the 2nd grade at  Philipsburg Elementary School, where her favorite subject is Math.  Her activities include Girl Scouts and soccer.  Cadence spends her spare time reading, drawing and coloring, snuggling and playing.  Cadence  is full of energy and laughter.  She is always willing to help and considerate of others feelings.  She is certainly not quiet!  As Cadence receives her First Holy Communion her mother would like to tell her “I am so blessed to call you may daughter.”  I am here to help and guide you on your faith journey.  You will remember this day and the special feeling of receiving Christ forever.  Her dad would like to tell her “I love you and am proud of you.”    



Philipsburg, PA


 April 29, 2018


The following students received the Sacrament of Confirmation at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament this past Thursday, April 26th.  In an effort to better acquaint parishioners with our students, articles have been written about each student, highlighting personal accomplishments and contributions.  Congratulations to all of these young people who have fully embraced out Catholic Faith.  May the Holy Spirit ascent upon each of you in a most profound and powerful way.

DAWSON JAMES GRANVILLE   Dawson’s parents are Charity and Tom Granville.  He has 4 siblings.  Sierra Miller, age 25; Dalton, age 24; Sadie, age 19 and Sophie, age 12. Dawson is in the 11th Grade and is homeschooled. In his free time, Dawson enjoys riding his snowboard, doing tricks on his BMX bike, lifting weights, hunting, fishing, playing basketball and  practicing Martial Arts at the Martial Arts Academy. He also participates in the Ss. Peter and Paul Church Youth Group and has been doing so since first grade.  He has accumulated numerous service hours by altar serving, preparing the CCD outreach meals and picnics and decorating/un-decorating the Church for Christmas.   Dawson works year round at Kephart’s ACE Hardware in Philipsburg.  Dawson plans to work for a year after his graduation while he discerns whether to attend a trade school or to join the military. 

ALEXIS MARIE HAHN   Alexis is the daughter of Keith and Jennifer Hahn. She has a brother, Colby, age 13.  She is a Junior at the Philipsburg-Osceola Area High School where she participates in Choir, Select Choir, Band, Drama Club and Cheerleading.  She has qualified for both District and Regional Choir.  Alexis is a member of the National Honor Society and Mountie Mentors.  She is very athletic, participating in Competitive Cheerleading, Track and Field (4 years, lettering), Varsity Competitive Cheerleading (lettering 3 times) and for 3 years All American Cheerleader and National Cheerleading Association.  Outside of school, Alexis has done all Star Cheerleading at Cheer Central Gym.  She is currently cheering on the ICE team.  She is a member of the American Legion Honor Guard.  Alexis has earned service hours while serving and preparing the church’s outreach community luncheons, decorating and un-decorating the church for Christmas and by volunteering at Front and Centre Productions, Philipsburg YMCA, Altoona Curve Baseball, Osceola Pool and the Philipsburg Library.  She enjoys her part time employment at Camberg’s Cozy Corner Restaurant in Osceola Mills.  In her free time, Alexis enjoys playing the piano, the ukulele, singing and participating in the Summer Youth Theater with Front and Centre Productions.  Upon graduation next year, Alexis is planning to attend college and have a career working with youth.

JALYN MARIE JAMES   Jalyn is the daughter of Pat and Annette James.  She has a brother, Aaron, 19, and a sister, Kyra, 17.  Jalyn is a Junior at the Philipsburg-Osceola Area High School. She belongs to the Prom Committee, Fly Fishing Cub and Key Club.  Jalyn is in the Academic Course of  study and studies advanced mathematics.  She is a member of the Academic Decathlon.  She is very athletic playing on the Varsity Soccer Team and has played for 13 years and lettered every year in high school.  Jalyn is on the Track and Field Team.  She is going to tryout for the girls’ golf team this Fall.  She also plays indoor soccer at the Bigler YMCA. She is active in the Ss. Peter and Paul Youth Group, serving her church and community in many ways.  Jalyn enjoys volunteering at the annual Murarick’s Motorsports’ haunted house whose proceeds go to various community needs.  She volunteers at the Church’s outreach luncheons, the Osceola Mills Food Bank and at the Immaculate Conception’s church events.  She also has assisted with decorating and un-decorating the Church for Christmas.   Jalyn works part time at the Philipsburg Pizza Hut where she enjoys preparing food.  In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her friends, playing basketball, playing cards and putting puzzles together.  She spends as much time as possible with her grandparents.  In the future Jalyn plans to attend college studying forensics and pursuing a career in the forensics field.

BENJAMIN NOAH LANAGER   Benjamin is the son of Joseph and Margaret Lanager.  He has 2 siblings: Bryce, age 26; and Brenna, age 23.  Ben is a Junior at the West Branch Area High School where he participates in the Weight Lifting and Ski Clubs.  Ben is a member of the West Branch Track and Field, Cross Country (Lettered), and Basketball (post position for four years) Teams.  He plays left field for Kylertown Teener League Baseball.  Ben is a Boy Scout and a volunteer for the Relay for Life.  Ben has earned his service hours by decorating and un-decorating the church for holidays, preparing and serving community outreach luncheons and assisting with the penance service dinners for the priests.  Ben spends his free time cooking, bowling, going to restaurants, driving, hunting, fishing, jogging, playing video games and especially spending time with his family and friends.  After graduation Ben plays to attend Penn State University studying business or Penn Tech Culinary School.

ETHAN P. MOORE   Ethan is the son of David Moore and Penny Moore.  He has 2 brothers: Dakota, age 24, and Colton, Age 21.  Ethan is currently a Junior at Bald Eagle Area High School.  He also attends Centre County Vocational and Technology School in Pleasant Gap.  At Bald Eagle, Ethan plays first base and pitches for the JV Baseball Team.  He also is a member of the BEA JV/Varsity Football team where he plays at the defense tackle, offensive line and running  back positions.  He has played football since the seventh grade and has earned several letters.  Ethan also has played on the Port Matilda Youth Baseball Team as a pitcher, first and third baseman and as an outfielder.  He is a member of the Milesburg Teener League where he earned honors on the Tri-County All Star Team.  Ethan is a member of the Boy Scouts Troop #59.  He is presently a Life Scout and will be earning the rank of Eagle Scout.  His Eagle Scout project will be working to replace and repair the bog boardwalk at Black Moshannon State Park.  His grandfather, Oscar Moore, was instrumental in the construction of the boardwalk many years ago; and now Ethan will be making repairs to his Pap’s project!  Ethan assists with the Friends of the NRA Annual Banquet, Frenchville, by setting up and tearing down the hall.  He has earned his Confirmation Service Hours by being an Altar Server and Lector.  He also has helped with several community outreach luncheons which have been put on by the Sunday Morning CCD Classes.  Ethan worked construction for Vinyl King in Port Matilda during the summer of 2017.  He has also worked for Clem’s BBQ Catering.  For pleasure he enjoys several hobbies including fishing, ice fishing, hunting and is perusing his newest hobby, bow hunting.  This summer he is planning to go to a remote camp in Canada with his father, Dave; his pap, Oscar; his brothers; Dakota and Colton as well as other relatives.  In the future after graduation, Ethan is considering attending a trade school for masonry.  

JONATHAN PALADINA   Jonathan is the son of Gregg and Jessica Paladina.  He has 2 brothers, Gregg, Jr., age 15 and Jacob, age 5, as well as a sister, Isabella, age 12.  He is a Junior at Philipsburg-Osceola School District and also attends CCCTC Technology Program.  He has received multiple computer certifications and is an Honor Roll Student.  Jonathan is employed by Questec as a summer technician.  Jonathan enjoys spending time outdoors.  He loves riding quads, fishing, hunting and caring for animals.  He is an avid Pittsburgh Pirates fan, attending as many games as possible.   Jonathan plans on attending college after graduation.

NATALIE JADE RUGGIERO   Natalie is the daughter of Ron and Shirley Ruggiero and the sister of Allison Ruggiero who is 19 years old.  Natalie is enrolled as a Junior at Philipsburg-Osceola Area High School.  She belongs to the Drama Club.  Natalie is a member of the PO Senior High Honor Roll.  She volunteers her time with the Front and Centre Theater Productions where she helps with the costume department.  Natalie has earned her service hours for Confirmation by assisting with her Religious Education’s community outreach luncheons, changing the church missals, decorating and un-decorating the Church for Christmas.  Natalie enjoys spending time with her Dad fishing and restoring old vehicles.  She likes photography, spending time with her friends and walking the dog, Rex.  Natalie is planning to attend college after her graduation.  

TERRY R. SMEAL, III  Terry is the son of Terry and Tia Smeal.  He has 2 brothers, Kris, age 21 and Scottie, age 11, as well as a sister, Kayleigh, age 13.  Terry is a Junior at West Branch Area School District.  At school Terry is a member of the yearbook staff, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and is an officer in the Football Club.  He has attained the status of Honor Roll and High Honor Roll every year.  Terry is very athletic and he plays on the offense and defensive line on the Varsity Football Team (lettering 4 years), Honorable Mention ICC Team and Second Team Progressland.  He has played power forward/center on the Junior Varsity Basketball Team for 2 years, and the Varsity Team for one year.  In the Spring, Terry has participated on the varsity Track and Field Team for 3 years, competing in the mile run and the discus and shot put events.  He serves his school, church and community by helping with the “Be an Athlete” program, coaching, preparing and serving the church community outreach luncheons, decorating and un-decorating the Church for Christmas and with the Church Youth Group.  Terry spends his summers working at Delgrosso’s Park in the catering department.  He enjoys his free time hanging out with his family and friends, reading and swimming.  Terry plans to attend college, in the pre-med field and attend med school to become a physician.

ISIAH SCALZO   We wish to Congratulate Isiah who attended CCD here but is a parishioner at Immaculate Conception in Osceola Mills and was confirmed at Christ the King on Friday, March 23rd.

CONFIRMATION SPONSORS  We would like to thank the following for sponsoring our Confirmation Students this year:  Joey Miller (Dawson Granville), Bernadine Hahn (Alexis Hahn), Charity Granville (Jalyn James), Anna Marie Nachman (Benjamin Lanager); Rick Martin (Ethan Moore), Mel Curtis (Jonathan Paladina), P.J. Monella (Natalie Ruggiero) and Terry Smeal, Sr., (Terry Smeal).  You have shared your faith and wisdom throughout their spiritual journey.  God bless you for your guidance and caring support.

Pictured left to right:  Jalyn James; Natalie Ruggiero, Terry Craven, DRE., Jonathan Paladina, Benjamin Lanager, Ethan Moore, Dawson Granville and Terry Smeal. 

Missing from the photo is Alexis Hahn. 

An AWESOME Reminder from 5th Grade
In January, 5th Grade shared an reminder of how we can follow Jesus in all aspects of our lives! Here is the bulletin board they created to share that message with everyone who comes and goes in our wonderful Parish Hall!
At Play:                                        At Church:                                At School:                                    At Home:
*Invite new people to play            *Bless yourself with Holy         *No Cheating                                *Pray before Eating and Bed
    with you                                        Water
*Be nice to everyone                    *Pay Attention                           *Respecting Classmates/            *Listening to Mom and Dad

The First Commandment -- 4th Grade Shows us who is number 1!
The fourth grade class, led by Michelle Simpson, is learning about the 10 Commandments. What a great way to kick off this experience by sharing with us who truly is #1!

David and Goliath -- 3rd Grade DEFEATS Giants!
This past weekend at CCD, 3rd Grade found the story of David and Goliath in the Bible, read the story, created Giants to defeat, and role-played being David to defeat those scary Giants! (They then got to make some awesome 'stones' to eat!)

The Family Fun Committee's First Event -- An Ornament Making Party!
The Ornament Party help on December 9th was a great success! We were able to make enough ornaments to spread cheer to over 40 residents at Windy Hill and Dayspring! 


Our 1st Graders decorated our Elementary Bulletin Board with a thankful theme! 
They created pictures and letters to God about what they are thankful for. Thank you First Grade for reminding us to give thanks for all of God's treasures!


On October 22nd, the fourth grade class landscaped outside the Church Hall!
The fourth grade class wanted our Church Hall to look extra nice for the upcoming October-Fest, so they weeded, raked and added fresh mulch around the shrubs outside the Hall!

Thank you fourth grade for helping us prepare for such a wonderful event!

On September 17th, the third grade class made Kindness Rocks. 
(For more information:

The found scripture in the Bible about how the Lord is our Rock, then painted the rocks, wrote simple messages on the back and hid them around the church grounds. I'm happy to say that some were found by a Parishioner and her grandsons, and they are finding new exciting places to leave them!

Keep checking on this page for exciting things which are happening at Ss. Peter and Paul's CCD program!