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posted Oct 31, 2014, 1:00 PM by Church Office   [ updated Oct 31, 2014, 1:00 PM ]

The Altar and Rosary's Raffle winners are: 1st (TV)--Millie Harris; 2nd (Quilt)--Aggie Mayes; 3rd ($100)--Russ Holden; 4th (Vacuum)--Monica Bittinger; 5th (Tablet)--Ernie Shaw; 6th (NutriBullet Blender) --Frances Thompson; 7th (Food Basket)--Noah Andreychik; and 8th (Silver Jewelry)--Michele Bittinger. Chinese Auction winners are too numerous to list!

Theme Basket Winners

are: Christmas Arrangement--Dave Shifter; Grandma's Halloween--Rita Curtorillo; Men's--Ernie Shaw; Orange Picnic-Basket--Frank Williams; Baking--Beth Laird; Books and Blanket--Abby Connor; Picnic with Charcoal--Kathy Barnyak; Kitchen with Rugs--Dorothy Vaughn; Baby--Lori Cassler; White House Backpack--Nancy Johnson; Loveseat Glider--Brenda Hohman; Christmas--Pat Churner; Noah's Ark--Ronnie Snyder; Disney Basket--Pat Maxwell; Kitchen Towels--Jane Stark; Avon--Nancy Vargo; Longaberger w/Lotion--Beth Laird; White Christmas--Marilyn Wohl; Notebooks--Willow Philips; Boyd's Bears--Ronnie Snyder; Movie NIght--Doris Ann Kozak; Christmas Sleigh--Lois Carpin; Looking Good Salon--Chelsea Webster; Bio Salon--Julie LaFuria; Big Picnic Basket--Keith Husar; Fruit Stand with Chocolate--Betty Sicks; Picnic Table in a Basket--Melissa Timko; Tea Time--Lori Cassler; Tote Pack and Cooler--Karen Weller; Summer--Pat Maxwell; Farmer's Insurance--Nancy Jackson; Party Time--Ernie Shaw; Halloween with Flicker Candle--Sandy Daisher; Breast Cancer Awareness--Veronica Craven; Halloween--Julie Ishler; Grandma's Jams--Doris Taylor; Fun Times in the Sun--Julie LaFuria; Doggie Basket-Mary Beth LIbreatori; Black Basket Halloween--Luann Shifter; Baking--Jan Walker; Grandma's Night Before Christmas--Nancy McQuillen; Lottery Tree--Garrett; and Stationery--Kristy Carter.

The 50/50 Drawing winner was Shirley Poldiak. She won $410.00! Wow!

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OUR WINNERS! Details on profits raised by A&R will be in upcoming bulletins!