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posted Apr 17, 2015, 12:32 PM by Church Office   [ updated Apr 17, 2015, 12:32 PM ]

A tremendous "congratulations" goes out to the Altar and Rosary Society for their overwhelming success in this year's Lenten Pierogie Sales! A total of 11,212 pierogies were made by the hands of many, many volunteers. A&R would like to personally thank the following individuals for working on their "pierogie making team" and producing thousands and thousands of homemade specialties: Pat and Bernie Ropchock; Barb Bookamire; Carol and Russ Holden; Dick Wood; Bonnie Yurky; Teresa and Lynda Mull; Mary Sheroke; Betty Hicks; Nancy Kovalchick; Pat Partash; Pat and Oscar Moore; Aggie Shannon; Betty Sicks; Rita Morbeto; Charity Granville; Vickie Bordas; Mary Kay Williams; Toni Franek; Joe, George and Kate Coval; Nancy Verost and Fr. John! The total amount of profit made from this sale is $4,426.00! It is worth mentioning that all the supplies were donated, thereby leaving no cost for the production of this many pierogies! Kate Coval wrote, "Thank you to all who helped make pierogies, and to those who purchased the pierogies . . . because without you, it would not have been such a great success!"