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posted Nov 5, 2015, 1:14 PM by Church Office   [ updated Nov 5, 2015, 1:14 PM ]

Fall Basket: Julie LaFuria;

Grandma’s Welcome Spring: Nora Burns;

Bio Salon: Alanna Ropchock;

Paper Plates for the Holidays: Helen Fox;

Looking Good: Erica Williams;

Fight Like a Girl Breast Cancer Awareness: Annette James;

Religious: Sue Kerestan;

Fall Basket: John Ponist;

Wine Basket: Gary Schnars;

Video Party Bowl: Keith Beausegner;

NAPA Basket: Anna Yastro;

Fall Basket: Pat Partash;

Hot Beveridge Basket: Janet Blake;

Snowman Basket: Becky Yurky;

Dental Needs: Donna Husar;

Laundry Needs: Heidi Dugan;

Moffatt’s BBQ Basket: Lorraine Fenton;

Here Comes Santa Claus: Marianne Heeman;

Little Boy Basket: Heidi Dugan;

Scrapbooking Tote: Emily Whitehead;

Jolly Time Popcorn: Susan Ponist;

Kids Basket: Matthew;

Wedge Mat: Brenda Smith;

Tea Time: Sarah Fleck;

$50 Sheetz Gift Card: Susan Ponist;

Patio Party Basket: Nancy Vergo;

Quilt Craft Kits: Jane Davis;

Longaberger Basket with Lotions: Gail Yastro;

Planter: Ed Shimmel;

Fall Basket: Kathy Muir;

Tea Time: Susan Ponist;

Relax and Read a Book: Betty Sicks;

Elf on the Shelf: Cassie Hanna;

Hoss’s Gift Basket: Shirley Zakutney;

$50 Sheetz Gift Card: Colleen Anchychik;

Wine Basket: Sandy Whitehead;

Little Girl Basket: Becky Yurky;

Snack Time Bag: Kathryn Twoey;

$50 Sheetz Gift Card: Patricia Churner;

Benedictine Gift Shop Basket: Helen Fox;

UFIT Thrive Fitness Club: Annette James;

Mary & Joseph Pictures: Betty Sicks;

Send a Greeting Card Basket: Leslie Shellman;

Something for Every Holiday: Rose Butterworth;

Relax and Read a Book: Jamie Callahan;

Fall Basket: Sandy Daisher;

Little Girl Bag: Betty Sicks; W

ine Sleigh: L. Abernethy;

Kids Chair & Outdoor Games: Kian Riley;

Breakfast Basket: Ernie Shaw;

Activity Kids Basket: Joe Portugal;

Homemade Doll Clothes: Michelle Bittinger;

Grace, American Doll: Erica Williams;

Homemade Doll Clothes: Pat Moore;

Grandma’s Won’t You be My Valentine: Curtorillo;

Holt Library Scare Crow: Pauline McVay;

$50 Sheetz Gift Card: Kristen Carter; N

apkins for Every Occasion: L. Abernethy;

Small Lottery Dog: Leslie Shellman;

Baking Basket: Dorothy Vaughn;

Tonight is Crock Pot Night: John Ponist;

Christmas Basket: Michelle Chverchko;

Baby Shower for Baby Girl: Sharon Frema;

Easter Basket: Ken Holden;

Wine Basket: Keith Beausergner;

Christmas Basket: Curtorillo;

Baking Basket: Leslie Shellman;

Fall Basket: Dorothy Vaughn;

Steeler Snowman: Chris Snyder;

Daffodil and Canna Flower Bulbs: Carol Marsh;

Handmade Rug Basket: Gerald Saggese;

Wine Basket: Jane Stark;

Lottery Mum: Julie LaFuria;

Homemade Rug Basket: Diann Westrick;

$50 Snappy’s Gift Card: Vickie Bordas;

Cuddle Up with a Warm Blank and Hot Chocolate: Susan Davis;

Ice Cream You Scream: Michelle Chverchko;

Fresh Sparkling Snow Bath and Body Basket: Nora Burns. 

The Lottery Dog was won by Jane Hollis.

The 50/50 Drawing winner was Joe Slogosky.   He won $439.00