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New Year's resolutions: The Pope Francis list for 2015

posted Jan 2, 2015, 12:49 PM by Church Office   [ updated Jan 2, 2015, 12:49 PM ]

Pope Francis gives us practical advice – from gossip to purchases to marriage

1. Don't gossip. It's one of our hobbies. For Pope Francis, it's also one of the most evil activities. The Catholic leader denounces gossip as “murder."

2. Finish your meals. No leftovers, please. Named after a 12th-century saint who lived in poverty, Pope Francis slams a “culture of waste” that neglects the plight of the hungry.

3. Make time for others. Tending to 1.2 billion members, Pope Francis seems too busy for anything else. Fr. James Martin says Pope Francis inspires him “to be more generous in my own life with my time.”

4. Choose the 'more humble' purchase. Take it from the head of state who rides a 29-year-old Renault. The Pope preaches against materialism. “Certainly, possessions, money, and power can give a momentary thrill, the illusion of being happy, but they end up possessing us and making us always want to have more, never satisfied. ‘Put on Christ’ in your life, place your trust in him, and you will never be disappointed!”
5. Meet the poor 'in the flesh.' Sure, we donate to charity. But this is not enough for Pope Francis. Commitment to the poor, he says, must be “person to person, in the flesh.”

6. Stop judging others. In the same way he denounces gossip, Pope Francis condemns prejudice. 

7. Befriend those who disagree. "Others always have something to give me, if we know how to approach them in a spirit of openness and without prejudice,” Pope Francis preaches.

8. Make commitments, such as marriage. Don't be afraid to say “forever.” Pope Francis said, "I am asking you to rebel against this culture that sees everything as temporary and that ultimately believes that you are incapable of responsibility."

9. Make it a habit to 'ask the Lord.'  Bothered about the future? Pray, the Pope urges us, especially the youth.
10. Be Happy. The true Christian, says the Pope, exudes great joy.  Pope Francis says, "The Christian sings with joy, and walks, and carries this joy."  This joy, reminds us, should translate to love of neighbor.