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Blessing from the Hay

posted Dec 30, 2015, 3:44 PM by Church Office

Father John received this email from a person who had celebrated Mass with us at Ss. Peter and Paul on Christmas Eve. Amazing things can and do happen!

"Hello Fr. John,

I have a little story pertaining to the "Blessed Hay in the Manger".

My family and I celebrated Mass with you on Christmas Eve. During the Mass you mentioned that you were going to go over to the Manger scene and bless it and that everyone was welcome to take a piece of hay with them after the Mass ended to keep with the for protection of safe travel.

Little did we know.

On our way home a car coming from the opposite direction was rear-ended by another vehicle for some unknown reason. The force of the impact pushed the car into our lane which we were in line for a head on collision.  By the grace of GOD and the "Blessed Hay" (which by the way my wife was holding in her hand) I made a hard right, off the road into a dirt lot within feet of being struck by the on coming vehicle...with no injury to us at all. It was dark outside and I had no idea that dirt lot was even there. It appeared the occupants of the other two vehicle were not seriously injured.

 Thank you for your prayers and blessings"